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Justiceville/Homeless USA Inc

Cricket Program


Takes to the Oval

June 29, 2008

Woodley Park, San Fernando Valley

10:00 AM



Justiceville/Homeless USA Inc is a 501c3 non profit established to address the needs of the Homeless in Los Angeles, California. After many years of successfully providing housing, clothing and food for the homeless, the scope was expanded to address social skills needed to reenter society. Using the game of Cricket, we have found a vehicle which addresses those needs while also providing those skills used to prevent the causes leading to homelessness.


Justiceville/Homeless USA’s Cricket Program uses the sport of cricket to achieve its objectives and is working with the Compton Cricket Club to raise funds and awareness to address the homeless issue. We look forward to providing you a worthy and rewarding experience.


Justiceville has scheduled an International Cricket Match with the National Cricket Team of Afghanistan in September of 2008, and matches in Australia in 2009. Your support of our efforts will go far in addressing the plight of the Homeless and those most at risk.


Thank you for considering being a partner in this historical venture.  For more information on the Cricket Program and the Afghan Games, please go to www.comptoncricketclub.org.


As we continue to grow, we will be planning more exhibition matches along the way to improve our play and allow you to meet our loyal team and supporters.


The June 29, 2008 Exhibition will be between the Justiceville/Homeless USA-Compton Cricket Club players and a Team representing the Pakistan Consulate.




This will present an opportunity for the media and perspective sponsors to meet the Justiceville Cricket Players, members of the Justiceville/Homeless USA Board of Directors and their supporters.


If you would like to be represented at the June 29th event as a sponsor please contact me.


Our immediate objective is to secure uniforms and equipment as well as funding to pay our players for their time, expenses and effort.






David Hernandez


Justiceville/Home/less USA Inc.

PO BOX 17579

Los Angeles, CA 90017

818 448 3403




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