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Candidate for Congress, District 29 David Hernandez has been a community advocate for over 20 years. His professional experience has been that of an Insurance Adjuster/Investigator for 25 years. David and his wife Debi reside in Valley Village, California. David served in the United States Navy for four years and is a Vietnam Veteran. He attended Los Angeles Valley College. David is the Executive Director of the San Fernando Chamber of Commerce. He has been engaged in a two year legal challenge against Measure R, the Los Angeles City Council Term Limit extension and Ethics Reform Ballot Measure. David led the battle to keep the Original Los Angeles County Seal. David was President of the Foundation Board of Los Angeles Mission College. David serves on the boards of Youth Service Network. David became Public Access Producer at Adelphia Cable in Van Nuys, California. His show Re-Claim LA covered many local issues such as land use, animal rights, homelessness and education.

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